Integrative Medicine–a University of Maryland Graduate Program

As Adjunct Faculty for the University of Maryland, School of Medicine, I helped to create the following online program in the University of Maryland’s Graduate school. The Integrative Health and Wellness certificate is a unique, 12-credit graduate certificate program offered entirely online through the University of Maryland, Baltimore. This one-year certificate is designed to help … Read moreIntegrative Medicine–a University of Maryland Graduate Program

2016 Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner

As of May 6, 2016, I am very happy to announce my successful completion of the Institute of Functional Medicine’s certification program. This additional perspective provides practical strategies to get to the root of what ails you. For more information on the orientation and scope of practice included, please see:

Update on Activity

Just back from Boulder CO, where Amanda Archibald (culinary nutritionist) and Michael Fenster MD (chef and interventional cardiologist) presented a course on culinary nutrition. More coming, esp from Amanda, with genomics perspective. Learning more about how to promote wellness though the whole foods we eat, based on gene markers specific to the individual. Very exciting, … Read moreUpdate on Activity

Webinar: Brain on Fire: Food that Fuels

Another webinar featuring the collaborative efforts of Mary Jo Fishburn and culinary-nutritionist Amanda Archibald is scheduled for live broadcast on Friday, January 23, 2015, at noon-1:30pm EST. Please join us as we explore brain health and nutritional/lifestyle strategies for improvement. $15 fee. Available, once broadcasted, at any time convenient to you. To access, cut and … Read moreWebinar: Brain on Fire: Food that Fuels

Dr. Fishburn in collaborative new webinar series

Dr. Fishburn is now collaborating with nutritional specialist, Amanda Archibald, in a webinar series that begins this month. The first, entitled Taming the Fire of Pain and Inflammation through Food, is $15, and is scheduled to go live at noon EST, on Sunday, 10/26/14. Please check the following link for further details about course content … Read moreDr. Fishburn in collaborative new webinar series