Make Your Work Habits Work for You

The musculoskeletal matrix in which we reside needs balance and movement for wellness. Repetitive movement stores energy in patterns specific to the task involved. These energy patterns improve efficiency, accuracy of motion, and allow us to multi-task. However, these patterns can limit movement if they are not balanced by opposing musculature. Muscles operate best at … Read more Make Your Work Habits Work for You

Food Intolerance

Good digestive function is a key to optimal health and wellbeing. Many autoimmune and/or chronic inflammatory conditions are due to food allergies. These food intolerances can lead to inflammation, decreased nutrient absorption, toxin accumulation, and undesirable pathogenic growth of bacteria, yeast and/or parasites. When the digestive tract is inflamed or out of balance, “leaky gut”, … Read more Food Intolerance

Biotoxin Associated Illness

Common symptoms: Chronic fatigue “Brain fog” Muscle and/or joint pain Neuropathic symptoms (burning/tingling/numbness) Difficulty losing weight Sleep disturbances GI disturbances Assessment/Laboratory evaluation: Visual Contrast Test (VCT): A sensitive screening test of neurologic function, done in the office. Blood tests: Assesses genetic predisposition(s) to biotoxin susceptibility. Assesses current inflammatory and hormonal status. Identifies other contributing factors. … Read more Biotoxin Associated Illness

Healthy Tips to Keep Warm during winter’s chill

Layering. You are better off with several thin layers of clothing that trap warm body heat between them than you are with 1 or 2 thick layers. Consider a camisole/t-shirt under a thermal layer, such as 1-2 layers of silk turtle neck, another thin long-sleeved shirt, and/or a vest, with closed jacket over that. Leg … Read more Healthy Tips to Keep Warm during winter’s chill