Basics about Viruses and Immunity

CLARIFICATION: Apparently the posting below IS NOT from Hopkins. However, we do know that COVID-19 IS a DNA protein encapsulated (surrounded) by lipid (fat), and as such, vulnerable to the interventions described.   Viruses are transformattive agents! Once inside the cell, they take over the DNA in order to replicate themselves. The fever we experience … Read more

In-Office Visits Now an Option

We now have an infection control protocol in place that we feel responsibly addresses concerns for potential cross contamination of COVID-19 to and/or from each other.  It is time-consuming, more costly to provide, and requires mutual cooperation.  While I am unable to provide as many in-person encounters in a day, I am able to accommodate … Read more

E-visits now possible

For those of you interested in ongoing coaching on how to manage your health during our current community health situation, or needing to review laboratory/radiographic information already in process,  please contact my office via phone, or portal. If you are already enrolled as a patient of mine and have access to the portal, e-visits are … Read more

Anti-viral supplements: Herbs!

Herbs have powerful bioactive molecules that support health. Here is an article that talks about specific anti-viral benefits: Remember that your immune system requires good rest, healthy doses of Vitamin D, and anti-oxidant support, like Vitamin C.

COVID-19 affects in-person access

In keeping with our mission to support wellness for all, we are temporarily suspending in-person clinical encounters at this time.  The manual therapies I provide is up-front and personal, and I do not currently have an effective way to prevent any potential spread of viral contagiousness from you to me, or me to you.  Since … Read more

Non-negotiable Self Care

Keys to healthy, sane living If you feel your life is out of control, you don’t know how to manage all that is happening, and especially if you are feeling overwhelmed, then consider these tips: Pacing and Balancing are the keys to living well. BREATHE (5-7 seconds to inhale, 5-7 seconds exhale, and 5-7 seconds … Read more

Exercise to improve brain function

As we age, we lose brain cells, a well-known fact of life. What isn’t as commonly known is that cognitive function/brain capacity is not a product of the number of brain cells (compare the thinking capacity of a 6 year old to the average 60 year old), but the connections those cells make with each … Read more