Back Mechanics

Principles of Back Mechanics

  1. Be aware of your center of gravity (one hand’s breath below the navel and just in front of the sacrum), and move from there. Let your arms be an extension of your center of gravity, initiating all movement from your feet and/or sits bones.
  2. Bring any object you plan to carry or lift as close to your center of gravity as possible.
  3. Instead of bending down to pick up something with a curved back, consider a modified squatting technique: lower your center of gravity, as if you were moving to sit on a chair, “stick your butt out” with a flat back while bending your knees to lower yourself. The only difference from sitting down and reaching down in this way is that you keep your weight forward, over your feet. From this position, use your center of gravity and pivot, using your hips or feet, to turn or move closer to where you want to go.
  4. No twisting while reaching: Consider “headlights” on pelvis and shoulders. No reaching outside of the field of all four lights pointing straight at the object involved.
  5. No crossing your legs during sitting!
  6. Keep both feet equal distance from your buttocks while sitting, including while driving.