New webinar: The Hidden I’s of Weight Gain

Are you struggling to lose weight in spite of careful calories and lots of exercise? Research tells us that you might be looking in the wrong place … With Mary Jo Fishburn MD and Amanda Archibald RD February 27 12:00 – 1:30 PM EST See more at:

Webinar: Brain on Fire: Food that Fuels

Another webinar featuring the collaborative efforts of Mary Jo Fishburn and culinary-nutritionist Amanda Archibald is scheduled for live broadcast on Friday, January 23, 2015, at noon-1:30pm EST. Please join us as we explore brain health and nutritional/lifestyle strategies for improvement. $15 fee. Available, once broadcasted, at any time convenient to you. To access, cut and … Read more

Access to recorded webinars by Dr. Fishburn

Mary Jo Fishburn MD and Amanda Archibald have launched their first duo of recorded webinars, available through the following links, for $15 each. For a short time only, a 30% discount is being offered. If registered and purchased with code listed by 12/15/14, this discount is valid, even if you decide to wait until after … Read more

Dr. Fishburn in collaborative new webinar series

Dr. Fishburn is now collaborating with nutritional specialist, Amanda Archibald, in a webinar series that begins this month. The first, entitled Taming the Fire of Pain and Inflammation through Food, is $15, and is scheduled to go live at noon EST, on Sunday, 10/26/14. Please check the following link for further details about course content … Read more

Managing Pain through Nutrition and Movement

Dr. Fishburn is excited to be a part of a weekend program this winter (January 30-Feb 1, 2014), focussing on managing pain through nutrition and movement. See the following link for further details: We hope to see you there!

Top Doctor in Baltimore Magazine

Mary Jo Fishburn MD was listed as a top doctor under Integrative/Complementary Medicine, on page 260, in the November 2013 Baltimore Magazine. It is an unexpected and delightful event. Thank you to those of you who voted me in!

Strategies to improve brain function

As we age, we lose brain cells, a well-known fact of life. What isn’t as commonly known is that cognitive function/brain capacity is not a product of the number of brain cells (compare the thinking capacity of a 6 year old to the average 60 year old), but the connections those cells make with each … Read more

“Energy” in Continuing Medical Education

Dr. Fishburn is attending The Institute for Functional Medicine’s 2013 Annual International Conference entitled: ILLUMINATING THE ENERGY SPECTRUM, this weekend, in Dallas, Texas. The 3-day conference is focused on clinical solutions for pain management, chronic fatigue, and brain dysfunction. Check out the Conference website for more information at:

5 x 5 – Breathe

The autonomic nervous system influences and controls our basic vital functions, including breathing, heart rate, and blood pressure. The sympathetic (fight or flight) aspects of this system must be balanced with the parasympathetic (rest and digest) aspects for optimal health. A simple way to reset the autonomic nervous system, to restore neutral, is to focus … Read more

Change one Thing: a free in-office program, 1/15/13

If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be? Your weight? Job? Social life? Self-esteem? Lack of organization? Low level of motivation? On Tuesday January 15, you will start to identify what holds you back from your goals and techniques to help you move forward. A presentation provided by: Ava Barron-Shasho, MSW … Read more