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Dr. Fishburn has created a few educational videos for the public, including: how to find a neutral postural home base, basics  re: shoulder anatomy, what is the root of trochanteric bursitis, the Sun Salutation, a practice for daily maintenance of spinal and postural balance, and some interviews of her in the past   go to:  … Read more

The Sun Salutation–daily self-care

Self-care is a critical part of wellness.  There are simple strategies that can easily be incorporated into a non-negotiable part of your daily routine that will make a difference.  We all know about the importance of brushing and flossing our teeth.  We don’t resent brushing our teeth;  it is a part of our day. Our … Read more

Drama-Rama to Calm

If you are highly sensitive, intuitive and/or empathic, you are probably feeling buffeted and strained by the reactions to all the current events at play.  We are in a period of great change, polarization, isolation and uncertainty.  Change isn’t easy.  It’s disruptive and messy.  Many, if not all, hidden agendas come out of the closet.  … Read more

Posture Break – “20×20”

Here is a good rule of thumb for any visually-dependent activity (computer, crafts, handwork, etc) — the “20-20 rule“: For every 20 minutes on the computer (or other visual demand), look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds. Use this pause to:  Give your eyes a break from visual strain Take a deep breath and release … Read more

Anti-viral supplements: Herbs!

Herbs have powerful bioactive molecules that support health. Here is an article that talks about specific anti-viral benefits: Remember that your immune system requires good rest, healthy doses of Vitamin D, and anti-oxidant support, like Vitamin C.

Non-negotiable Self Care

Keys to healthy, sane living If you feel your life is out of control, you don’t know how to manage all that is happening, and especially if you are feeling overwhelmed, then consider these tips: Pacing and Balancing are the keys to living well. BREATHE (5-7 seconds to inhale, 5-7 seconds exhale, and 5-7 seconds … Read more