Exercise to improve brain function

As we age, we lose brain cells, a well-known fact of life. What isn’t as commonly known is that cognitive function/brain capacity is not a product of the number of brain cells (compare the thinking capacity of a 6 year old to the average 60 year old), but the connections those cells make with each … Read more

Back Mechanics

Principles of Back Mechanics Be aware of your center of gravity (one hand’s breath below the navel and just in front of the sacrum), and move from there. Let your arms be an extension of your center of gravity, initiating all movement from your feet and/or sits bones. Bring any object you plan to carry … Read more

Instructions for Optimal Posture

Standing: Place your feet at hip/shoulder width distance apart. Turn your feet in toward each other until you feel tension. Tighten your abdominal muscles to tilt pubic bone up toward the belly button. Drop your arms to your sides, palms facing front. Lift your sternum. This will also shift your head back over your shoulders. … Read more

Food Intolerance

Good digestive function is a key to optimal health and wellbeing. Many autoimmune and/or chronic inflammatory conditions are due to food allergies. These food intolerances can lead to inflammation, decreased nutrient absorption, toxin accumulation, and undesirable pathogenic growth of bacteria, yeast and/or parasites. When the digestive tract is inflamed or out of balance, “leaky gut”, … Read more

Tips to stop smoking

Smokers smoke for many different reasons, but generally consider it a pleasurable experience. One major aspect that reinforces smoking is its socially (not always accepted)-condoned “time out” message to the world; It can be an opportunity to pause and savor the moment. Nicotine tends to heighten the moment. To change your habits toward smoking, it … Read more

Biotoxin Associated Illness

Common symptoms: Chronic fatigue “Brain fog” Muscle and/or joint pain Neuropathic symptoms (burning/tingling/numbness) Difficulty losing weight Sleep disturbances GI disturbances Assessment/Laboratory evaluation: Visual Contrast Test (VCT): A sensitive screening test of neurologic function, done in the office. Blood tests: Assesses genetic predisposition(s) to biotoxin susceptibility. Assesses current inflammatory and hormonal status. Identifies other contributing factors. … Read more

Sinus Rinse–calms inflammation

Your allergies can trigger inflammation everywhere. Here is a simple recipe that really works. A large McCormick spice bottle(any glass jar will do) holds this quantity, and should be enough to rinse 2 x daily for a week*: 1/2 cup lukewarm water 1/2 tsp sea salt IF you are prone to recurrent sinus infections, add: … Read more

Healthy Tips to Keep Warm during winter’s chill

Layering. You are better off with several thin layers of clothing that trap warm body heat between them than you are with 1 or 2 thick layers. Consider a camisole/t-shirt under a thermal layer, such as 1-2 layers of silk turtle neck, another thin long-sleeved shirt, and/or a vest, with closed jacket over that. Leg … Read more