COVID-19 affects in-person access

In keeping with our mission to support wellness for all, we are temporarily suspending in-person clinical encounters at this time.  The manual therapies I provide is up-front and personal, and I do not currently have an effective way to prevent any potential spread of viral contagiousness from you to me, or me to you.  Since the window for contagion is 1-2 days PRIOR to onset of symptoms and up to 10 days after, I have decided the risk to all is too great.  I hope this will change soon, as I do love the manual (and acupuncture) aspects of my practice.

I am working on setting up a SAFER clinical environment in which I can resume in-person care.  and telemedicine option for those of you who wish to access me for the functional medicine aspects of my work.  Please stay tuned for those developments!

Meanwhile, we will be monitoring the portal we now have in our medical record system, as well as the phone.  If you are currently a patient of mine but not yet “portal-equipted”, please call and leave your email address to receive an invitation.  These have a 2-day limit for access.

Wishing you all healthy and well!

Remember to BREATHE, take some savory time for outdoors, and balance your rest with activity, and activity with rest.

Please visit for the other healing practice in which I am engaged.