Drama-Rama to Calm

If you are highly sensitive, intuitive and/or empathic, you are probably feeling buffeted and strained by the reactions to all the current events at play.  We are in a period of great change, polarization, isolation and uncertainty.  Change isn’t easy.  It’s disruptive and messy.  Many, if not all, hidden agendas come out of the closet.  It can be difficult to find a clear place of calm in the middle of it, especially if the people around you insist on drama.  Certainly, watching the news feeds into more of the same.

Remember that you have influence.  You have the ability to find calm within yourself.  And, finding that  within you will positively affect the world around you.

Here are a few easy options to re-establish a more peaceful state of being:

  • Spend time in your garden, your yard, or in a park, walking on (and working with) the ground
  • Dance! Move with rhythm or song.  Feel the gift of movement in your body
  • Sing! Singing stimulates your Vagus Nerve, which will result in calming of your nervous system
  • Find something to laugh about: a film, a joke, something that brings you a good belly laugh
  • Meditate and/or journal
  • Create something, letting go of the need to make it something “good”. Experiment!

There are other options that you already know:  things that you do when you are feeling distressed, that make you feel better.  Write them down.  Keep a list handy for the next time you feel overwhelmed.

For those of you who looking for more support or are interested in exploring more about the intuitive energetic nature of who we are, go to:  www.intuitivetruthcompass.com , my website for deep healing.  I hope to see you there!