In-Office Visits Now an Option

We now have an infection control protocol in place that we feel responsibly addresses concerns for potential cross contamination of COVID-19 to and/or from each other.  It is time-consuming, more costly to provide, and requires mutual cooperation.  While I am unable to provide as many in-person encounters in a day, I am able to accommodate some.

My infection control protocol will be posted as a separate posting.

Meanwhile, PLEASE be mindful about how you are affecting others!  If you are ill (loss of sense of smell, short of breath,  upper respiratory symptoms, or with a fever), or think you may be a carrier, please stay home!  Certainly talk with your primary care provider if you have symptoms!!

To make an appointment with me, either in person or by telemedicine: use your portal (if you have one established), or call to establish one and/or make the appointment:  410-821-1785.

Having had my first few telemedicine encounters this week, I can honestly say that it was a VERY effective way to encounter and address what is needed from an informational point of view.

Blessings to you all!