Infection control protocol

As of March 23, 2020, my practice is following this protocol:

  1.  Waiting room:   No accompanying wait room sitting for clients or their ride, etc.
  2. Wipe w sanitizing solution at least twice daily:
    1. ALL counters
    2. ALL door handles and jams/door edges
    3. ALL arms on chairs
    4. ALL bathroom surfaces including toilet handle, grab bar, toilet seat
    5. Keyboards and mice
  3. Every patient must:
    1. Put their belongings into a clean trash bag on arrival
    2. Wear gloves (we hand them to them!!)
    3. Wear a bandana or a mask
    4. Move to the exam room they are assigned as quickly as possible
  4. Every employee must
    1. Wear gloves when in contact w patient
    2. Wipe credit card, pens used, etc (or spray w Briotech)
    3. Wear Isolation gown, gloves and mask (and glasses) when in close proximity with patients/others
  5. Room change over
    1. Pull all paper used during last encounter into ball and dispose into inside-out paper pillow case, from last patient
    2. Re-apply Paper pillow cases
    3. Double paper on tables to fully cover the surfaces
    4. Wipe down ALL surfaces associated with the encounter: desk, computer, armrests, door knobs, etc
    5. In addition, Spray seats and table w Briotech
    6. Airdry surfaces
    7. Alternate room usage so that there is at least an hour between patients in each room