Non-negotiable Self Care

Keys to healthy, sane living

If you feel your life is out of control, you don’t know how to manage all that is happening, and especially if you are feeling overwhelmed, then consider these tips:

  • Pacing and Balancing are the keys to living well.
  • BREATHE (5-7 seconds to inhale, 5-7 seconds exhale, and 5-7 seconds pause, x 7 repetitions) to shift from sympathetic (fight or flight) to parasympathetic (rest and digest).
  • STRETCH what is tight, STRENGTHEN what doesn’t get used.
  • MOVE every day. The body requires movement to be healthy.
  • Make room for QUIET time, 5-20 minutes, at least once daily, but preferably twice, to settle your brain. NO AGENDA. Breathe. Scan your body, and notice what is there. Allow yourself gratitude. What is your truth compass trying to say?
  • Find gratitude for what is already a positive aspect in your life and/or something to LAUGH about.
  • Appreciate beauty.