Your First Visit

You will have 60-75 minutes with me, during which our goals will be:

  1. To hear the full story of what is going on and what we can do together in order to help you.
    • I want to hear what, how and when, and other details related to your concerns.
    • I need to know your past medical history, including any prior evaluations.
    • Old records are helpful, especially actual radiographs (xrays, MRIs, etc.), other diagnostic studies, and reports of procedures, including operative reports.
  2. To assess current health status with examination.
  3. To collaboratively develop a strategy aimed at wellness. We are looking for the ROOT causes of your issues.
    • Education is provided regarding current impressions and why.
    • You and I will discuss optional therapies and choices.
    • I may initiate further evaluations, if needed.
    • You and I will establish follow up plans.
    • You should have take-home education on what you can do to help yourself right away.
  4. To start treatment of any pain concern, I generally begin with hands-on release of tension patterns through osteopathic manual therapies at the time of our first encounter.
  5. Acupuncture is one of the optional tools for treatment, and, due to time constraints, is usually deferred until our second encounter.
  6. Please wear or bring loose, comfortable clothing that allows movement and ready access for examination.


Trusting a doctor does not come easily to a guy who has had doctors misdiagnose him or recommend self-serving treatments, but I implicitly trust Dr. Fishburn. Her insight goes beyond the intellectual medical symptom analysis and diagnosis. You know with your heart that Dr. Fishburn has tuned into your body, mind and spirit. I feel gotten and understood … Healing requires letting go of old patterns of posture, belief, and life routine. She nurtures away your fear so that it is easier to take a leap you know needs to be done to move forward. Dr. Fishburn is very real, present, and wise about what I need for healing. Every encounter with Dr. Fishburn is a gift.
David Ebaugh


We do accept some insurances, on a fee for service basis.

Insurances accepted include:

  • Medicare
  • Cigna
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • EHP
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield (with some exceptions)
  • We do not participate with any HMOs, including Blue Choice
  • Ask us if you have something else