Sinus Rinse–calms inflammation

Your allergies can trigger inflammation everywhere. Here is a simple recipe that really works.

A large McCormick spice bottle(any glass jar will do) holds this quantity, and should be enough to rinse 2 x daily for a week*:
1/2 cup lukewarm water
1/2 tsp sea salt
IF you are prone to recurrent sinus infections, add:
8 drops each: ecchinacea + golden seal solutions
(glycerine or alcohol base)
Plug one nostril, and, using the bottle cap as a reservoir for the solution, draw the solution through the other nostril into your mouth. Then spit it out. (similar to the muscle action needed to bring mucus from your nose into your mouth, to spit out). Then blow out each nostril, and expect increase drainage for a few minutes, as the salt pulls fluid off the sinus membrane.

Do this TWICE daily. Increase to 3-4/day when sinuses are very active.

*Sterilize bottle and cap with each refill, by rinsing first with boiling water.